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Ubuntu 13.10 Intel Graphics Killed by OpenCV

If you, like me, installed OpenCV from the Ubuntu package manager on a computer with an Intel graphics card, you might have been thinking you bricked your installation and would have to start from scratch. Thanks to some good work … Continue reading

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Ubuntu, Apache2, and Ruby on Rails with Passenger

This tutorial aims to explain how to get a Ruby on Rails site “deployed” on a local machine strictly for development purposes. 1: Install Apache You can do this in several ways, but here is how I like to do … Continue reading

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Manually Removing Duplicate Files

While growing up, a lot of us get massive music libraries. Sometimes, those libraries look more like tumbleweeds; after years of faithfully collecting your music files, you now have a library that’s so obfuscated, you’re tempted to buy some software … Continue reading

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Rails 4.x.x and Twitter Bootstrap

I just spent over an hour trying to figure this out, so I’m posting what I found here in case others run into the same problem. Rails Version: 4.0.2 (gem) bootstrap-sass Version: After following the instructions here to install … Continue reading

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