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Starting up Lean

Startups are often scary for the uninitiated.┬áPeople often feel like running away when anyone suggests they get involved with creating a startup, and for good reason. The grand majority of startups in the past have failed, many of them spectacularly. … Continue reading

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Security is an Illusion

No encryption algorithm is provably secure. That’s something of a shocker to people who depend on security features built into their browsers to shop, bank, and play online. We assume that because our account balances remain untouched and because our … Continue reading

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C++ 11: Welcome to the New World

I like C++. Always have. It’s the first programming language I learned. I purchased a C++ programming text from a second-hand store, read it in a month, and figured out that my life was about to change. And it did. … Continue reading

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Proving the security of an encryption algorithm

Technically speaking, it’s impossible to prove the security of any encryption algorithm. As long as it’s unknown whether P is equivalent to NP, we have no idea of the problems that encryption algorithms depend on for their security can be … Continue reading

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Manually Removing Duplicate Files

While growing up, a lot of us get massive music libraries. Sometimes, those libraries look more like tumbleweeds; after years of faithfully collecting your music files, you now have a library that’s so obfuscated, you’re tempted to buy some software … Continue reading

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Rails 4.x.x and Twitter Bootstrap

I just spent over an hour trying to figure this out, so I’m posting what I found here in case others run into the same problem. Rails Version: 4.0.2 (gem) bootstrap-sass Version: After following the instructions here to install … Continue reading

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Complete Trees

The advent of object-oriented programming spawned the creation of abstract data types like linked lists, binary search trees, heaps, etc. A large portion of these can be classified as trees, which themselves can be classified as graphs. While graphs and … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to my home! I am currently constructing this site with the intent to express my opinions on various and random topics in programming, science, math, and religion, and to educate the public on the mathematical discovery that has been … Continue reading

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